While boots are certainly associated with the cold weather, their wear is certainly not limited to fall and winter. Boots are a huge footwear category that includes a wide range of designs that are made for various climates, activities and styles. Make a deep dive into this functional and stylish shoe style with us — from low-rise to high-rise, lug soles to platform soles, there is a pair of boots for most occasions and outfits. You just have to find the perfect pair.

Low-Rise Boots

Low-rise boots are some of the most popular styles of footwear. Offering versatility and functionality in equal measure, they are not only the go-to footwear of choice for the cooler weather but are also a top style pick that can slot effortlessly into your wardrobe and be worn all year round.

So whether you are headed for an adventurous hike, looking to explore a new city on vacation, or looking to put the finishing touch to your casual everyday looks, put your best foot forward and delve into the different types of low-rise boots and their distinctive characteristics with us. We hope that this guide will help you make a more informed choice when choosing your next favourite low-cut boots.

Metallic Buckled Ankle Boots - Black

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are possibly one of the most versatile boot styles. Sitting slightly just below or around the ankle, they can be worn in any weather, including cold wintry days with thicker socks and balmy days in the tropics — the style possibilities are truly endless with these shoes. They also come in every possible colour, style and iteration imaginable. Some feature side-zip details for easy-wearing or sleek stiletto heels for a more sophisticated look. Other variations include pointed-toed silhouettes, which exude an understated glamour.


Gabine Leather Loafer Chelsea Boots - Black

Chelsea Boots

Instantly recognisable by their elastic side panels, Chelsea boots have continued to be a popular choice due to their ease-of-wear — without the hassle of tie-up laces — while offering a comfortable fit around your ankles and calves. They also often feature pull tabs, usually a loop fabric sewn on the back of the boot, which allows you to slip them on easily. Commonly designed with lug soles (or ridge soles) for a trendy and edgy aesthetic, they also provide extra traction and are great for long walks. They can also be suitable for a wide range of climates and environments, so they can be worn year-round.

Wellington Chelsea Boots

Another lesser-known variation of Chelsea boots are Wellington Chelsea boots. Also known as wellies or rain boots, this style is particularly loved for its practicality and functionality. In particular, this iteration features a lower-cut style — alongside its rubberised finish and waterproof feature, they are always stylish and especially great for wet weather season.

Chukka Boots

With origins dating back to a shoe that was made for and used by military soldiers, the Chukka boot has established itself as a modern sartorial style staple and became a classic footwear of choice, particularly for men. Characterised by their unique construction and a sleek almond-toe design, they feature two or three pairs of eyelets and thin laces. Made with various materials and leather, Chukka boots can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and your dress style.

Desert Boots

Desert boots are a more casual alternative to the polished Chukka boots. Often made from soft, textured materials, such as suede, with a four-eyelet design. Loved for their styling versatility, desert boots can literally be worn with anything and everything, from jeans to shorts. An important distinction to note here is that while all Chukka boots are desert boots, not all desert boots are Chukka boots. How can you tell the difference between a Chukka boot and desert boots? Check the soles: a traditional Chukka Boot has leather soles whereas a desert boot features a crepe rubber soles.

Moccasin Boots

Moccasin boots, also known as fringe boots, possess a distinctly ‘90s and vintage-inspired aesthetic. They date back to being a shoe of the Native Americans who needed protective footwear from certain elements and started making shoes out of hides. Today, these boots continue to be popular and are a great choice for summer music festivals, as they are comfortable and boho-chic. That’s not all — fur-lined and shearling-lined variations of these boots have also become increasingly sought after, allowing them to be worn even in the colder months of fall and winter.

Lucile Textured Platform Calf Boots - Burgundy

Sock Boots

Just as their name suggests, sock boots feature knitted or jersey sections that fit snugly around your ankle and calves, just like socks. These boots are especially great for lower temperatures as the thick, soft material of the boot can provide extra comfort and warmth, as compared to regular boots. From pointed-toed styles to sleek stiletto heels and sportier lug-sole versions, there are so many versions of sock boots to choose from.

Mid-Rise Boots

Mid-rise boots typically refer to boots that rise to and slightly above the ankles, occasionally reaching up to the calf but never extending to the knees. They provide just the right amount of coverage to keep your legs warm during cooler days without overheating them in warmer temperatures. Additionally, their moderate height makes them comfortable for extended wear.

Below, we delve into the various types of mid-rise boots available.

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Combat Boots

Combat boots were originally designed for military use but have since become a fashion staple. They are characterised by a sturdy construction, lace-up fronts, and chunky soles, exuding an edgy and utilitarian aesthetic. As they are designed to be functional, combat boots typically rise to the mid-calf or slightly higher, providing ample ankle support and coverage. They will add a rugged, rebellious edge to your look.

Lace-Up Calf Boots - Black Box

Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up boots and combat boots may share similarities, but lace-up boots are a broader category that encompasses various styles of boots with laces. While some lace-up boots may bear a resemblance to combat boots, they vary in design, materials, and intended use. Lace-up boots may include dressier styles with sleeker silhouettes, softer materials, and thinner soles, making them more suitable for creating fashionable looks.

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are designed for riding motorcycles. Engineered to safeguard the motorcyclist’s legs, they typically rise above the ankles and extend below the knees. They feature low flat heels to provide stability and control when manoeuvring a motorcycle.

To ensure a secure yet comfortable fit, motorcycle boots typically feature details such as lace-up fronts and velcro straps. Similar to combat boots, they exude an edgy and utilitarian aesthetic.

Lucinda Trapeze-Heel Knee-High Boots - Black Box

Western/Cowboy Boots

Western or cowboy boots were traditionally made for riding horses; however, in modern times, they have evolved into statement footwear. They typically feature a tall shaft that rises to the calf, a narrow, pointed toe, and elevated heels.

Prized for their bold style and effortless comfort, western or cowboy boots offer a versatile range of options. Adorned with intricate embroidery, boasting minimalist suede textures, or sporting a bold pop of animal print, cowboy boots will definitely make you stand out.

Evie Platform Block-Heel Knee-High Boots - Black

Platform Boots

Platform Boots are identifiable by their thick, uniform soles, typically measuring at least 5 cm in height. This distinctive design provides stability, enabling the wearer to enjoy an elevated stature, without sacrificing comfort.

Platform soles pair particularly well with boots featuring mid-length shafts. This combination creates a chic and well-proportioned silhouette that elongates the wearer's frame while elevating their style.


Lace-Up Platform Wedge Ankle Boots - Taupe

Wedge Boots

Wedge boots refer to any style of boots featuring wedge soles, characterised by their seamless use of material and thicker soles at the back than at the front. Comparable to platform boots, wedge soles complement mid-length shafts, crafting a chic and well-proportioned silhouette that elongates the wearer's frame. Additionally, they offer the allure of heels without compromising comfort.

High-Rise Boots

Visible as they are, high-rise boots are statement-makers that will transform the look of your outfits instantly. They provide more coverage, making them the instinctive choice for fall and winter seasons, but their edgy, sophisticated look can also carry over to the warmer months of spring and summer. Available in a variety of styles and aesthetics, high-rise boots deserve a spot in your footwear rotation all year round.

Evie Platform Block-Heel Knee-High Boots - Dark Brown

Knee-High Boots

Classic knee-high boots come up to right below your knee-caps, and typically feature shafts that fit snugly around the calves to accentuate the legs. To balance out the bulk on the uppers, they may be set on sturdy block heels or platform treaded soles to extend the leg-lengthening effect. To slip them on and off with ease, they are fitted with either back zips or elasticated panels. Modern iterations play around with the proportions of the knee-high silhouette to give it a refreshed look, like foldover shafts that impart a relaxed-chic vibe.


Evie Textured Platform  Over-the-knee Boots - Black Textured

Over-the-Knee Boots

On those particularly chilly days, over-the-knee boots will serve you well. It first started off as a man’s riding boot, but eventually integrated into women’s fashion because of its utilitarian charm. Not only does it provide protection against the elements, but it also possesses an edgy yet polished appeal. The more snug iterations sit like a second skin, and they streamline the legs while providing warmth. To add texture to the look, some feature scrunched folds on the shafts to relax the silhouette. For a little more allowance at the knees, look for wider top-edges — a structured material will give the classic style a cool-girl update.


Mesh Slant-Heel Thigh-High Boots - Black Textured

Thigh-High Boots

If warmth is your priority, then thigh-highs will get the job done. They go over the knees and right up to the mid-thighs, which makes them the perfect complements to skirts and tights. Since the shafts are the focal point, opting for visually interesting details like lace-up closures, prints and metallic finishes will lend this style a characteristic boldness. Some iterations even feature sleek stiletto heels and towering platform soles to evoke the femme-fatale essence of these boots.

Wellington Boots

Wellington boots, otherwise known as wellies or gumboots, are chiefly recognisable by their waterproof material and durable construction. Made for physically demanding activities like nature walks and gardening, they are a comfortable, wet-weather option that features roomy top-edges. The rounded toes are usually wider as well, so it will comfortably accommodate a variety of foot shapes.

Shearling Boots

The extra cosy factor of shearling boots is what gives them their universal appeal. First manufactured to withstand harsh temperatures and rough winters, this still holds true today — not only does it keep your feet warm, but it is also very comfortable to walk in. The furry appearance of shearling boots lends it a distinctive charm, which is highlighted in contemporary revamps of the shoe style. Featured on fold-down panels and as a trim on the uppers and vamps, the shearling lining softens the utilitarian aesthetic of boots and makes them more feminine. Statement-making pairs even go so far as to feature the furry finish all over the boots, so it will add texture to your cold-weather ensembles.

Harness Boots

A favourite amongst motorcyclists, and alternatively called ‘motorcycle boots’, harness boots got their name because of the multi-strap and metal-ring details that came together to form a harness. The harness was preferred as it did without unnecessary stitches or laces, while the high-rise cut protected the feet and shins from engines. Other typical features include squared or pointed toes, along with low heels to increase traction. Their grunge-inspired aesthetic gives them characteristic edge — the chunky silhouette feels effortless yet bold. To really let them stand out, they work best juxtaposed against voluminous, looser garments like skirts and oversized shirts. Their more breathable top-edges also means they can be worn in the spring and summer too.

Logger Boots

The most hardy style of them all, logger boots were originally made for treacherous terrain and construction work. The protective style features deep lug soles for maximum traction, while sturdy uppers shield the legs from the elements — they are also usually fitted with laces to ensure a snug and secure fit. A practical choice for everyday wear, logger boots are wearable and durable at the same time. Their utilitarian charm also saw them get co-opted into the punk aesthetic, since the oversized silhouette seemed to mirror a rebellious attitude. You can style them with skirts, dresses, pants and just about everything else, which makes them a universal favourite.

Specialty Boots

Specialty boots are designed to optimise performance in specific situations. From safety to snow boots, we delve into the common designs and categories below.

Ripley Ridged Sole Hiking Boots - Caramel

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are purposefully designed for hiking adventures. They are equipped with rubber lug soles that offer excellent traction on any terrain. Additionally, these boots commonly feature a lace-up design for a secure fit and high ankles to enhance protection against the elements. Their functional yet stylish design will add a cool, outdoorsy touch to any outfit.

Rain Boots

To ensure their waterproof capabilities, rain boots are commonly constructed from materials such as rubber or plastic. With shaft heights extending above the ankles and up to the calf, they offer enhanced protection against mud and water puddles during inclement weather. Designed for navigating slippery surfaces with ease, they feature low heels and ridged soles that provide excellent traction.

Minimalist in design to maximise coverage, rain boots are incredibly versatile and will complement any style and outfit.

Work Boots/Safety Boots

Work or safety boots share a utilitarian aesthetic with hiking boots but offer additional functionalities. What distinguishes them is protective reinforcement in the toes, typically made from steel, which protects the feet from falling objects or compression. These boots also feature sturdy soles that resist punctures, high ankles for added protection, and cushioned insoles for all-day comfort.

Snow Boots

Snow boots are a type of waterproof or water-resistant footwear featuring tall shafts that prevent snow from entering the boots. These tall shafts also provide additional warmth and support to the ankles.

Snow boots are specifically designed to conquer snowy conditions and terrains, unlike winter boots, which primarily focus on warmth.

Available in a variety of designs and colours, snow boots may feature lace-up or zip closures and come in neutrals or brights, ensuring there's one to match every mood and personality. For added style and comfort, some snow boots are lined with fleece, keeping your feet extra snug and cosy.

Military/Tactical Boots

Tactical boots are heavy-duty footwear designed for military and law enforcement use. They are engineered to excel in challenging environments while providing maximum protection.

Tactical boots are distinguished by their protective midsoles, made of composite or steel, and specialised tread patterns on the bottoms for excellent slip resistance. Crafted from lightweight and waterproof materials, they ensure optimal comfort and durability by preventing waterlogging.

Sporting a lace-up design, tall shafts, and chunky soles, they bear resemblance to combat boots. However, tactical boots stand out for their lighter weight and enhanced flexibility, which will significantly boost the wearer's agility.

Now that you know all about the different types of boots available, you will now be able to narrow down your search for the pair that are just right for your look and purpose. Depending on the season and occasion you plan to wear them with, the right boots can offer so much, both in terms of functionality and style. Add a pair — or three — to your shoe collection today to refresh and elevate your fashion arsenal.