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What is online security fraud screening?
Online security fraud screening is a CHARLESKEITH.EU initiative that acts as a preventive measure to protect our customers from unauthorised and fraudulent credit card and PayPal transactions.
CHARLESKEITH.EU takes your security seriously and has established an online security process that was developed in line with industry best practices. This security process is necessary to protect the interest of credit cardholders whose accounts may have been compromised, and CHARLESKEITH.EU as the e-commerce merchant.
For your security, CHARLESKEITH.EU advises that you never send anyone your full credit card number. We strongly recommend you divulge only the first 6 and the last 4 digits.
In the event where you submit a document with your full credit card number, CHARLESKEITH.EU will not be held responsible for any arising complications
All important and relevant information submitted by our customers will be kept secure and confidential. Only limited and authorised personnel have the right to access this information. At no point will we share, rent or sell your personal information without your consent. For further details, please read CHARLES & KEITH’s Privacy Policy.
Online security verification is ideally done for one-time verification purpose only. To ensure you do not experience any delay in receiving your order due to online security checks, we recommend you use the same credit card for future purchases.
Please contact the Customer Service team as instructed in the email and provide the necessary documents as advised. Once your documents have been verified as valid, you will have to make a new order which will be processed at the soonest date.
Failure to respond to the online security verification email within the given timeline will result in an automatic order cancellation.
CHARLESKEITH.EU takes a number of steps to ensure our website is safe for use, free from malicious activity and that the transactions performed are secure.
All the information you key into CHARLESKEITH.EU is protected by Secure Sockets Layer Technology (SSL). SSL encrypts your order information before it is transmitted to us to avoid anyone besides CHARLESKEITH.EU from decoding your information.
We strongly advise all users to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and security when using CHARLESKEITH.EU. Some measures we recommend include:
  1. Avoid using a public computer or terminal to sign in to your account
  2. Keep your passwords private. Create a password that can’t be easily guessed
  3. Change your password frequently. Avoid using the same password for multiple logins
  4. Avoid saving your password in the browser
  5. Clear your browser history – cookies, caches and saved passwords – every time after using the browser
  6. Be vigilant of emails and telephone calls allegedly from CHARLESKEITH.EU requesting you to update your account
In the event that you suspect you have received an unsolicited email or telephone call from us, please call +(65) 6488 2688 or email us at to verify that it is indeed from us.


Authentic CHARLES & KEITH products are sold exclusively:
  1. In physical CHARLES & KEITH stores
  2. Online at,,,,,,,,, and
  3. On official third-party channels at JD, Tmall Shoes, Tmall Bags, Red @ CHARLES & KEITH官方旗舰店, Naver, GS Shop, Hyundai Hmall, The Hyundai, and
To find an official physical store near you, enter your location in the store locator.
We do not sell our products on any other channels, such as unauthorised retail locations, unauthorised 3rd party platforms, social media platforms or through Internet auctions. Products purchased through these unauthorised platforms could be counterfeit thereby may be lacking in quality, hazardous to health and deprive you of the full customer experience.
Yes they do. These sites and platforms may imitate the aesthetics of the official CHARLES & KEITH websites, or imply that they are associated with CHARLES & KEITH.
These sites and platforms may use pictures, photographs and/or text from our official sites to create an impression of legitimacy. The CHARLES & KEITH product may also be offered at a discount. However, you may receive a counterfeit or even receive nothing in the end. These sites and platforms may also insert malware into your device, and/or misappropriate your personal information, such as your name, address or your credit card details.
These are our authorised social media platforms:
  • WeChat China, CharlesKeithOfficial
Red China
  • Red China, CHARLES & KEITH
Counterfeiters often deliberately select certain domain names or social media usernames to mislead you into believing the products promoted on the website or social media platform are authentic.
For example, the domain names of fake CHARLES & KEITH websites usually contain the words “CHARLESKEITH”, or appear slightly varied for example, omission of certain letters or switching the positions of the letters. These fake websites are usually accompanied with words like bag, vip, sale, shop, outlet, official.
We protect and enforce our intellectual property rights rigorously. We cooperate with law enforcement agencies, government bodies, customs authorities and third party platforms to stop the manufacture, shipment and sales of counterfeit CHARLES & KEITH products. We also work with domain name registrars to take down fraudulent websites.
You may contact us at to report any suspected counterfeit products or fake websites.
Please provide us with as much information as possible, including:
  1. Location
  2. Number of products offered
  3. Type/style of products offered


+65 6488 2688 (Operating Hours)